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Publication in NEON Magazine
charlotte schmitz
Jan 15, 2018
In the current NEON a reportage written by Christopher Piltz and pictures by Johanna-Maria Fritz and me. 

For the past nine months, Johanna-Maria Fritz and I went to Tiergarten, a central park in Berlin, where many refugees take drugs and engage in prostitution. Since 2015 most of them are from Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Pakistan. 

At first, we went there to develop a relationship with many of these people, so we could photograph them. But we quickly noticed that there were no social workers assisting them. 

We started by organizing a coalition of social service providers that can meet regularly and discuss ways to coordinate efforts to assist these people. We used social media to mobilize Berlin residents to assist them, and will help them applying for jobs, processing other paperwork, and other activities they otherwise can not do.


Charlotte Schmitz

Charlotte Schmitz' approach to her photography is deliberately personal and challenges the traditional documentary perspectives, which allows her to convey her messages about women and migration. She studied documentary photography and her work is published by outlets internationally and in her native Germany.
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