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Publication in der SPIEGEL
charlotte schmitz
May 11, 2018
Johanna-Maria Fritz and I photographed for the article written by Barbara Hardinghaus about a young Afghan, who became addicted to drugs and thus engaged in prostitution in a central park in Berlin called »Tiergarten«.

Überlebenskampf im Tiergarten: Navid, 30, Stricher in Berlin - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Panorama
Ein junger Mann aus Iran landet in Berlin, wird drogensüchtig, prostituiert sich, nutzt aus und wird ausgenutzt. Wie sieht sein Alltag aus? Unsere Reporterin hat ihn begleitet.

Charlotte Schmitz

Charlotte Schmitz' approach to her photography is deliberately personal and challenges the traditional documentary perspectives, which allows her to convey her messages about women and migration. She studied documentary photography and her work is published by outlets internationally and in her native Germany.
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