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Assignment for BuzzFeed News Germany about one of the most extreme cases of homophobia in Germany.
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charlotte schmitz
Feb 26, 2019
A person terrorizes young men because they are gay. One of the victims talks with Juliane Löffler from BuzzFeed News Germany, how he endured hate and stalking for many months. Max survived perhaps the most extreme case of homophobia in the past years in Germany. The alleged perpetrator is still running around today.
   Hass ohne Grund: Dieser Mann bekam Morddrohungen, einfach nur, weil er schwul ist
         Eine Person terrorisiert junge Männer, weil sie schwul sind. Eines der Opfer erzählt BuzzFeed News Deutschland jetzt, wie er monatelang Hass und Stalking ertrug – und den vielleicht extremsten Fall von Homofeindlichkeit der vergangenen Jahre...

Charlotte Schmitz

Charlotte Schmitz' approach to her photography is deliberately personal and challenges the traditional documentary perspectives, which allows her to convey her messages about women and migration. She studied documentary photography and her work is published by outlets internationally and in her native Germany.
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